World Ostomy Day 2021

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Comber based international ostomy manufacturer, TG Eakin Ltd will help support and celebrate World Ostomy Day on 2nd October 2021. Part of the Eakin Healthcare Group, the well-respected family-owned manufacturer will promote the importance of the work undertaken by the International Ostomy Association by sharing the valuable views of a young ostomate from Northern Ireland.

In response to this year’s motto “ostomates rights are human rights – anytime and anywhere” TG Eakin will provide a platform for 26 year old Aneica Duffy to have a voice and help raise awareness of what is often referred to as a hidden disability.

“For those who are not in the ostomy community, there is a lot of stigma attached to stomas. But we are getting there and that’s because of people being more open about it, but we’ve still got a long way to go. It’s not just the elderly that requires a stoma, there are people of all ages. It doesn’t mean we are different, we just have to change a few things as to how we live.” Aneica Duffy

Aneica Duffy

Aneica had an operation to form a stoma when she was just 19 but wouldn’t have survived without surgery, visit our community to read her full story.

Eakin has been supporting people living with a stoma for over 40 years, the operation based in County Down employs 143 people from the local communities and more than 20 colleagues across six different countries.

TG Eakin’s Clinical Advisor Marie McGrogan says “A stoma can be formed at any age and involves surgery to create an opening in the abdomen in order to pass waste (stool or urine), requiring a stoma pouch to be worn. It is often a lifelong procedure which can impact all areas of a person’s life.”

Director of International Ostomy & Wound Janet Fairlie-Vogt adds, “the products and support we offer from Comber benefits ostomates all over the world, and World Ostomy Day is another great opportunity for us to support those living in the community”.

Director of International Ostomy & Wound