eakin dot® | Stoma pouches to suit a wide range of needs

eakin dot® for a wide range of needs

The eakin dot® 2-piece stoma pouch system has been designed to make a big difference to a wide range of people.  Read on to find out how.

What users are saying

As an active triathlete Søren needed a product he could trust to stay on securely for longer – that’s why he switched to eakin dot® 2-piece.

Arend’s life has changed for the better since he started using the eakin dot® 2-piece system.

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A broad range of needs. Covered.

eakin dot® 2-piece systems are designed with a range of users in mind, especially those who may have experienced difficulties using other pouches.

A secure fit for your lifestyle

Helps if you have additional needs

For stomas small or large, in or out

Adapts to all body shapes and sizes

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eakin dot® 2-piece flat

eakin dot® 2-piece soft convex