Stoma case study | eakin dot® | A carer's perspective

Using eakin dot® 2-piece from a carer's perspective

Case study submitted by: Kate Slattery, Nurse Advisor, TG Eakin Ireland

4 reasons to use:

  1. Choosing the correct appliance is an important
    aspect in a person’s overall recovery after ostomysurgery.1
  2. The goal of both nurse and patient is to achieve a predictable, reliable wear time.2
  3. When independence is not possible, stoma care can be performed by a relative or health care professional.  Many carers worry about
    removing appliances as they feel that this may cause damage to the peristomal
  4. eakin dot® 2-piece meets the
    needs of ostomate and carer.

Patient History:

  • 80 year old married gentleman
  • Mr. S was diagnosed with bowel cancer in January
  • Anterior Bowel resection and formation of end ileostomy
  • Post operative complications led to delayed recovery and delayed discharge one month after surgery
  • Mr. S is independent with emptying pouch, but requires full assistance from wife with pouch changes

Nurse review:

  • Initially Mr. S was using a soft convex without a seal
  • Mr. S and wife were advised to change pouch every 2-3 days but often it was closer to 5 days when pouch was changed
  • Leaks and skin irritation occurred

Nurse recommends eakin dot 2-piece:

  • Trial of eakin dot® 2-piece with eakin Cohesive SLIM® seal commenced
  • Within two weeks skin is almost fully healed
  • No leaks experienced
  • Mr. S and wife change base plate every 4-5 days and change bag every day


  • Once familiar with the ‘CLICK’ system, Mrs S became very comfortable and confident with coupling the bag and baseplate
  • They are now very happy with how the eakin dot® 2-piece is working for them and find it very
    secure, comfortable and easy to use
carer pics3
carer 4

Clinical evidence for choosing eakin dot® 2-piece:

  • Improves peristomal skin problems
  • Ease of use
  •   hydrocolloid for longer-life wear 
  • Meets the individual needs of ostomates and their carers


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