Stoma case study | Retracted stoma and parastoma hernia | eakin®

Choose eakin dot® 2-piece soft convex for a retracted stoma with parastomal hernia

Case study submitted by: Pia Peterson, SN, Denmark

4 reasons to use:

  1. Extends pouch weartime1,2
  2. Greater support around the stoma1
  3. Increased patient security, comfort and confidence1,2
  4. Flexible, fluted baseplate that moulds to body contours1

Patient History:

  • 61 year old gentleman
  • 1978: Ileostomy formed due to ulcerative colitis
  • 1979-2012: Managed own care successfully using a 2-piece flat system
  • 2012: New ileostomy formed following Crohn’s disease diagnosis and other complications.


  • New stoma periodically retracts to skin level
  • Multiple 1 and 2-piece convex products tried unsuccessfully
  • Patient stayed with his familar brand and tried a 2-piece mouldable convex with a seal
  • Continued to experience recurring leaks
  • Small hernia developed
  • Output consistency varied from soft to watery

Success with eakin dot® 2-piece soft convex:

  • Achieved weartime of up to 5 days with no leaks or skin problems (eakin dot® 2-piece soft convex and an eakin Cohesive SLIMS® seal)
  • Baseplate felt softer and more comforable to wear
  • Increased feeling of security
  • Fluted soft convex baseplated moulded well to his hernia

“After 40 years on another brand I’ve change to eakin dot®”  Kaj, Denmark

Clinical evidence for choosing eakin Cohesive® seals:

  •   hydrocolloid for longer-life wear is clinically proven to offer greater security, pouch weartime and skin-friendliness compared to other market leading pouches1
  • Soft convex insert provides greater support around the stoma*,1 with no ulcer causing pressure points3
  • 100% of users agree it flexes with body contours1


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