Stoma case study | Managing long term health issues and a stoma | eakin®

Using eakin dot® 2 piece for sensitive skin

Case study submitted by:

Marieke Muller, Stoma Nurse, Tergooi Hospital, Hilversum, The Netherlands

3 reasons to use:

  1. Increased patient security,
    confidence and comfort1,2
  2. Skin friendly
    hydrocolloid for longer-life
  3. Significant improvement in
    peristomal skin condition1,2

Patient History:

  • 13 Mar 2019: Acute rectosigmoid resection with end colostomy due to sigmoid perforation (tumour)
  • Very large post-op stoma
  • Patient discharged to nursing home on an adhesive 2-piece system with closed pouch

Nurse review:

  • 29 Mar 2019: Attended hospital –
    hypersensitive severely excoriated skin.
    Evidence of skin stripping and blisters
    requiring adhesive remover to remove baseplate
  • Stoma reduced in size – changed to smaller 2-piece system
  • Blisters treated with powder. Flange extender used around edge
    of baseplate
  • Discharged to nursing home.
    Advised to change baseplate
    3 x per week and closed pouch
    1 x per day. Revisit in 1 week
  • 2 Apr 2019: Painful broken skin with
    blisters. Leakages under baseplate
    at left and right sides. Baseplate
    worn for 4 days. Pouch changed
    once per day

Nurse recommends eakin dot® 2-piece:

  • 2 Apr 2019: Attended hospital – recommended to change to eakin dot® flat 80mm ring size with eakin Cohesive StomaWrapTM and flange extender on right side. Drainable pouch used due to loose output. Discharged to nursing home with recommendation to change baseplate 2 x per week and continue with daily pouch changes
  • 5 Apr 2019: Baseplate changed in nursing home with daily pouch changes and emptying throughout the day


  • 8th Apr 2019: Significant improvement
    in peristomal skin
  • 9th Apr 2019: Hospital appointment.
    Gentleman able to change
    baseplate himself using adhesive
    remover spray and reported
    reduced pain
  • 12th Apr 2019: Nursing home
    changed flange
  • 15th Apr 2019: Returned to using
    closed pouch, changing 1-2 times/day. No leakages, output is
    thicker and skin has healed within 2 weeks of switching to
    eakin dot® 2-piece flat system

Clinical evidence for choosing eakin dot® 2-piece:

hydrocolloid for longer-life wear is clinically proven to offer greater security, pouch weartime and skinfriendliness compared to other 2-piece hydrocolloids tested.1


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