Stoma case study | Managing long term health issues and a stoma | eakin®

Using eakin dot® 2 piece for severe sight impairment

Case study submitted by: HagaZiekenhuis, The Hague Barbara Weterings & Annette Gardien Stomal Therapy Nurses The Netherlands

4 reasons to use:

  1. Easy to use1 even in the event
    of severe sight impairment2
  2. Increased patient security,
    comfort and confidence1,2
  3. Flexible, fluted baseplate
    moulds to body contours1,2
  4. Large CTF and 80mm ring size
    ideal for large oval stoma2

Patient History:

  • 64 year old man, registered blind.
  • Has guide dog for assistance.
  • 2010-2014: Temporary stoma due to colon cancer.
  • 2019: Ileostomy due to faecal incontinence. Large oval stoma and hernia.


  • 2010-2014: Used 2-piece click system with non
    pop-up baseplate.
  • Difficulties in attaching.
  • Regular leaks, pouch often
  • Dependent on community care
    up to 3 times per day for pouch
    changes. Thus, unable to leave
    home, despite having guide dogs.
  • 2019: Output very liquid. Unable to
    use drainable pouch as too difficult
    to clean independently.
  • Desperate to avoid problems
    experienced with his 2-piece system
    during the 2010-2014 period.

Success with eakin dot® 2-piece

  • Nurse recommended eakin dot® 2-piece with closed pouch.
  • Patient practised prior to surgery and managed with no problems.
  • Post-surgery: managing pouch changes up to 3 times per day independently.
  • No leaks. Can manage occasional baseplate changes independently when needed.
  • Only 2 community care visits per week to change baseplate and review skin condition.
  • Confidence and independence restored.
  • Able to go out and socialize again.

Clinical evidence for choosing eakin dot® 2-piece:

  • Purple pop-up on baseplate, audible CLICK and “peel-down” to remove make pouch changes easier.1
  • hydrocolloid for longer-life wear clinically proven to offer greater security and pouch weartime compared to other market leading pouches.1


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