Eakin attend Romanian Conference

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TG Eakin Ltd has recently attended the Romanian Conference of Urology which was then followed by the 11th Central European Meeting of Urologists organised by the European Asscoiation of Urology.

The meeting was held in Timisoara, Romania on 26-29th October 2011 and was the first time that our Romanian distributor, Euromedical Distribution Grup, had exhibited at this event. The feedback on the quality of the Pelican Urostomy pouches was very positive from all of the Romanian participants.

Welcoming New Distributors

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Steri…way have taken over distribution of Eakin products in Czech Republic from September 2009. EuroMedical Distribution Group are a new distribution channel in Romania.

A warm welcome to 2 new distributors who have joined us recently.

Both companies are distributing the whole range of eakin products including Cohesive® Seals, SLIMS®, Cohesive® Paste, Wound Pouches, Pelican Pouches and accessory products.

Mary Rickard visited Romania in September to provide training to EuroMedical staff and to introduce nurses and representatives from the ostomy field to the Eakin products which are entirely new to Romania.

The group also took part in a ‘Cohesive® Mouldability’ competition where they were required to mould an animal from an eakin Cohesive® Seal, to emphasise how mouldable the Cohesive® products are.

Pictured above is Mary Rickard of TG Eakin Ltd with members of EuroMedical staff.