eakin® and Healthy Kidz partner up to increase children’s physical activity

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healthy kidz charity

eakin® have recently joined forces with the successful physical activity programme, Healthy kidz. The programme is currently deployed in almost 100 schools throughout Northern Ireland. It provides a non-sport-specific, four-stand programme aimed at increasing physical activity, fitness levels and general health of children across schools.


Unfortunately as a result of the current Covid-19 pandemic that we all find ourselves in, schools worldwide have shut and social distancing measures put in place. This hasn’t stopped Healthy Kidz from delivering their programme to families on a global scale.

What is the healthy kidz global challenge

The challenge calls on families around the globe to get involved and increase their levels of activity through daily physical and fun challenges that can be logged on the Healthy Kidz app.

Along with logging activity points for any type of activity, they can also add additional details with regards to healthy eating and sleep too.  Families can compete against each other and others from all over the world. 

Every week a new set of 7 day challenges and tips will be available on the Healthy Kidz social media channels.  Any user who manages to complete the 7 Day Streak is entered into a weekly competition to win some great prizes.

For more information about Healthy Kidz or to sign-up for its Global Challenge, visit: healthy-kidz.com

Still leading the way

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(Professor Carmel Hughes, Head of School, The School of Pharmacy and Tom Eakin)

Founder of Eakin Healthcare Group, Tom Eakin, was among the first to receive a fellowship from the School of Pharmacy at Queen’s University Belfast on 22nd June, 2019.  The School of Pharmacy Fellowship Programme recognises individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.

Tom registered as a pharmacist in 1958, having chosen the profession because it was, in his words, ‘hands-on.’  His first job was as a superintendent Pharmacist subsequently led to his appointment as Chief Pharmacist at the Mid-Ulster Hospital, where he caused quite a stir on the maternity ward one lunch time after triggering a small explosion in the dispensary on the floor below.

Having gained experience in both hospital and community settings in Northern Ireland and Canada, Tom moved to Dundonald to manage his own pharmacy in 1960.

During the 1970s, Tom’s interest in formulation, lead him to focus on post-surgical difficulties for patients who had undergone stoma surgery.  This work was prompted by the experience of a family member and the customers he met at the pharmacy.

Showing great determination and focus, four years of experimentation led to the development of a special polymeric film and barrier adhesive that would go on to transform the lives of ostomates across the globe and create a thriving, now international, business.  But Tom’s invention was not limited to use on ostomates; surgeons realised a potential use in the treatment of open wounds, and he was asked to help with a seriously ill patient in the Belfast City Hospital which led to a new approach and the development of the Eakin Wound Pouches™.

TG Eakin Ltd now exports to 26 countries and continues to focus on innovation through its research and development department.  Tom is still very much involved and is often seen in the lab working on new formulations and design projects when he not attending a “course” (with a ball and club).

He continues to encourage and support the research undertaken at the Queen’s University School of Pharmacy through the annual         TG Eakin Prize for Distinction in Medicinal Substances, inspiring the next generation of pharmacy greats.

Additional images:

(Alongisde family, Mr Eakin had a team of supporters from eakin™ in the audence to celebrate his achievement. Pictured L-R Rebecca, Ben, Hannah and Grace)
(Mr and Mrs Eakin at the presentation)
(Mr and Mrs Eakin at the presentation)

It’s easy to apply an eakin Cohesive® seal

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picture of eakin cohesive seals

An eakin Cohesive® seal provides a solution for leaks and sore red skin. Here’s a step by step guide for application.

Leaks and skin irritation are common problems faced by ostomate.  The eakin Cohesive® seal provides superior protection to help stop leaks and prevent sore skin around your stoma.

The skin friendly ingredients in eakin Cohesive® seals means there is little chance of allergies to them.  As eakin Cohesive®​ seals absorb more moisture than any other seal they allow you to get on with your day, leak free.

To make sure the seal does its job, follow this handy step by step guide to apply your seal.

The eakin seal comes in a variety of sizes.  Find the perfect seal for you by requesting a sample today.

For further advice and support visit A Bigger Life, a web-based community for ostomates and their carers.

Eakin.eu gets a new look

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advert for new eakin.eu website

At eakin we don’t believe having a stoma should define you. We believe it’s just a small part of a bigger life. This is something we passionately believe in, which is why we have developed our new eakin.eu website so you can easily search for product solutions or a range of help and advice articles to help you adapt to living with a stoma allowing you to get on with life.

Some of the new and improved features include:

  • Overall design is simplistic helping you get to the information you require in less clicks.
  • Products and advice is solution led to help guide you to the appropriate advice or product.
  • Sample experience is similar to other shopping websites that you will already be familiar with.

Have a browse around and let us know what you think by emailing [email protected] !


Introducing: A Bigger Life Community

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advert for abiggerlife.com, a support website for ostomates

We know from experience and what you have been telling us that there’s a growing need for ostomates to be able to connect and share with each other tips, ask for help with pouching techniques or just general advice on living with a stoma.

We have listened! We have developed a new ostomy community on abiggerlife.com to create the opportunity to connect with other ostomates, clinical advisors and share experiences about living with a stoma.

Why join A Bigger Life Community?

• A safe and welcoming space for ostomates, friends, family and caregivers to easily connect with others. People of all ages, with all levels of online experience can use the community to talk about a wide range of topics related to living with a stoma.

• If your waiting on surgery or recovering from surgery, here is a good place to start and get support from others who have been through a similar situation to you. If you’re an experienced ostomate you can share your hints and tips, some of the best advice comes from others who have had the same experience

• Regular live Q&A sessions with our Clinical Advisors offering the opportunity to ask questions about your stoma, lifestyle or emotions.

• Learn about new products and developments in the ostomy world by connecting with others around the globe.

Get involved

You can get involved in the community by clicking on the community link in the navigation on abiggerlife.com or by visiting community.abiggerlife.com. To contribute to the conversations, you will need to register but don’t worry its quick and easy. Once your logged in you can ask questions, share your advice or simply just say hello to the rest of the community.

Help us improve the lives of ostomates worldwide!

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Cartoon Hands with a heart shape on them

We are currently looking for people who have a stoma and are living in Northern Ireland to help us evaluate and trial some of our new and innovative products.

Do you or someone you know have a colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy?
Did you know that one of the world’s leading manufacturers of stoma bags, skin care productsand accessories is a Northern Ireland family-owned and operated company based in County Down?

The Eakin Healthcare Group, founded by pharmacist Tom Eakin forty years ago, manufactures and sells stoma care products to 40 countries from the purpose built factory in Comber.

Our Research & Development Department is a team of highly experienced and skilled pharmacists, scientists and product development engineers who are currently working on the next generation of stoma appliances, designed to improve the quality of life for people with a stoma.

We are currently looking for people who have a stoma and are living in Northern Ireland to help us evaluate and trial some of our new and innovative products.

If you, or someone you know, has a colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy and are interested in helping us by providing product feedback, then please contact us by phoning (028) 9187 4810, Mon – Fri 8.30am – 1.30pm, or by emailing [email protected] for more information.

Your help is vital to ensure customer focused product development and the launch of new products to improve the quality of life of ostomates worldwide.

When you contact us, we will be discreet and anything you tell us will remain completely confidential. We will not use your personal information for sales, marketing or any promotions and we will not share your personal information with anyone else.

French nurses visit eakin

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Staff at eakin were delighted to welcome the visitors, who travelled from France to attend an eakin presentation and workshop.

During their visit they also learnt the history of eakin, received more training about our products including our new eakin dot 2-piece and had an opportunity to tour the factory.

Olivier Montels, Development Manager of eakin in France: “It’s important for Health professionals to know more about us, our values and our products to understand fully the commitment of our teams to create and fabricate eakin products. We are even more pleased that this was the first visit of French ET nurses.”

Eakin will also be present at the AFET days – which is the French National Congress of ET nurses – happening in Lyon from the 8th to the 12th of October. 

We thank all our visitors for taking the time to visit us and we look forward to welcoming them again in the future. 

We’re on a mission to raise awareness for people living with a stoma

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Although there is increasing news coverage and more ostomates are speaking out, we believe more can be done to educate the wider public.

We have over 200 ducks on an adventure over the summer to raise awareness for people around the world living with a stoma. If you find a duck on its travels, please help it on its way to a new location (you could win a prize!) All you need to do is: –

1. Find the ducks name (look underneath)

2. Take it with you….

3. Leave it somewhere nice where it can be found easily!

4. Take a photo of the duck in it’s new location

5. Send your photo, the name of your duck and where you left it to [email protected]

6. Track the ducks journey on facebook/TGEakin!


If you find a duck and help it on its journey your name will go into a monthly prize draw to win an Amazon voucher.

Good luck!

For full T&Cs please click here

Introducing the new eakin Contour Flange Extenders

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someone holding an eakin contour flange extender

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new product, eakin Contour Flange Extenders.

eakin Contour Flange Extenders are uniquely designed to let you extend your line of defence against leaks to ensure you feel more secure whilst also experiencing enhanced comfort.

eakin Contour Flange Extenders are suitable for you if….

  • You have lumps bumps or hernias and want to bend, stretch and move without restriction, then eakin Contour Flange Extenders are ideal as the unique fluted design allows them to mould and flex easily to any body type or shape – no matter how challenging or difficult
  • Or perhaps you’re looking for security and comfort in equal measures? You’ll get this from the skin–friendly hydrocolloid, thin tapered edges and the smooth satin finish which combine to hug the body like a second skin and prevent edge lift.

For further information please contact your local distributor for samples.