Introducing the new eakin Contour Flange Extenders

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new product, eakin Contour Flange Extenders.

eakin Contour Flange Extenders are uniquely designed to let you extend your line of defence against leaks to ensure you feel more secure whilst also experiencing enhanced comfort.

eakin Contour Flange Extenders are suitable for you if….

  • You have lumps bumps or hernias and want to bend, stretch and move without restriction, then eakin Contour Flange Extenders are ideal as the unique fluted design allows them to mould and flex easily to any body type or shape – no matter how challenging or difficult
  • Or perhaps you’re looking for security and comfort in equal measures? You’ll get this from the skin–friendly hydrocolloid, thin tapered edges and the smooth satin finish which combine to hug the body like a second skin and prevent edge lift.

For further information please contact your local distributor for samples.