Business as usual

We want to assure you that it is still business as usual at eakin®and that we are still making the products you rely on daily.

Managing Director, Jeremy Eakin, takes us on a factory tour to show you the changes we have put in place to create a safe environment for employees while we continue to produce and ship our products across the world.

We’re living in really challenging and interesting times around the world, as you will all well know.

A couple of days ago the headlines on the BBC news webpage was that a quarter of the world’s population was having their movements restricted due to the current Covid-19 pandemic.  Those are headlines that I never dreamt that I would see in my lifetime, and pose business challenges like we have never seen before.

But, we rise to the challenge and the challenge is to make sure our customers and our employees are safe, healthy and well supported during the challenging times.

It’s very much business as usual.  We are prioritisng our customers to  make sure that no matter what, they will continue to get their supplies as best we possibly can and we continue to manufacture full steam ahead to make sure there is no threat to that supply.

There’s not much happening in our offices but just because our offices are empty doesn’t mean to say that there is not a lot of work going on behind the scenes.

As far as possible all our staff who can work at home are doing so and very much business as usual.

For our keyworkers who we rely on to come to work each day we have really increased our hygiene and social distancing measures to make sure everyone stays safe and protected from the virus.

As you can see our warehouse has ample supplies of key raw materials.  In addition to having constructive ongoing dialogue with our major suppliers we have also proactively ensured there is 6-9 months stock of essential raw materials already safely in storage.

Purely as a precautionary measure we have increased our working hours to make sure stock is available for anyone who needs it.  But as you can see, our production lines are working as normal, manufacturing the products you rely on each day.

We continue to dispatch all your orders as normal.  We currently do not have any back orders and do not envisage that situation changing as long as everyone remains calm and reassured that we’ve got your needs covered.

The A Bigger Life community is ready and waiting for you to ask questions, get advice or just say hello and chat to other ostomates.  You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook for tips and inspiration.  Or if you need product specific advice, take a look at the help and advice section on our website,  Although it might take a bit longer, you can still request sample products through the website.

Hopefully by seeing around our premises today and witnessing the busy factory, full of employees and full of products being made, packaged and orders being shipped out the door, it will give you some reassurance that it is very much business as usual despite half of our employees actually not being on site.

We’re using the best of technology to ensure you that get what you need but at the same time keeping our employees safe and protected as far as possible from the virus.

Take care of yourselves, wash your hands, keep your distance.  Contact us if there I anything we can do to support you during these challenging times.