World Environment Day 2021

Since the installation of the panels in April 2016 we crossed the 1 million KW milestone in April and have generated to date 1044468kw. This equates to an offset of 543 tonnes of CO2. We generate enough electricity to supply 20% of our total energy consumption in 2021 with another 44000kw left over to supply the grid.

*electricity generated over the last 5 years

Our main headquarters at Comber has been fitted with LED lights since 2019. LED lighting uses less energy for the same Lux lighting output, meaning less brown energy.

We are using the new 900m3 sprinkler storage tank to pre chill the water flowing through our chiller unit. This will reduce the amount of electricity used to bring the temperature down to the required level.

Other initiatives are in progress to reduce the specifications of raw materials and improve efficiencies to lessen the impact of our products on the environment over time.