Continuing to meet your needs during Covid-19

Your health and wellbeing during these challenging times  and that of our employees, our customers, carers and everyone else whose lives we touch around the world, is our top priority at eakin®.

As a family-run business operating internationally, we’re following all local government guidance wherever our teams are based.

During these challenging and uncertain times, please know that the entire eakin® team is working tirelessly to ensure continued product supply and support to you.

How eakin® is helping you

To meet your ongoing needs:

  • We are holding good levels of materials to manufacture the products you depend on for many months to come
  • We continue to meet the full supply requirements of all our customers across the world, working very closely with our suppliers and shipping partners
  • To ensure the ongoing well-being of our production staff to allow them to continue making your products well ahead of when you might need them Many additional precautions have been taken
  • 24/7 practical advice and support via our website
  • 24/7 access to a warm, caring, online community – ‘A Bigger Life’* (* sponsored by eakin®).Ostomates and carers can talk anytime, night or day and benefit from lots of great support and info.