Encouraging Enterprise in Young People

Sixth Form Business Studies students from Priory Integrated College, Holywood, Northern Ireland were invited to T.G. Eakin Ltd in Comber to find out how this local company has become such a successful exporter of medical devices.

The students were interested to learn all about the company’s products and particularly what issues need to be considered when initiating an export strategy.

The trip started with a tour of the factory where all the medical devices are manufactured. Students were amazed at the large volumes of goods produced for export and were impressed at high standards of hygiene evident throughout the production process.

Following the tour of the factory, the students learned about the growth of the company over its 30 year existence from the business development team. The organisational structure, the recent expansion through the acquisition of Pelican Healthcare and the Research and Development facilities were all explained to students.

The Managing Director, Jeremy Eakin, shared his ‘tips and hints’ for success. These included financial, business and exporting advice. “Know your customers well – visit the market as often as possible and speak to ‘real’ business people for assistance and advice”.

Deirdre Scarlett, the Business Studies teacher, was delighted that her students were able to learn about global trading from a local company just prior to their ‘A’ level exams. “This helps brings the theory to life for these young people at a crucial point in their education.”