New Product Launch: Cohesive StomaWrap™

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new product in the eakin Cohesive® range, Cohesive StomaWrap™.

The Cohesive StomaWrap™ is made from the same ingredients as the much loved eakin Cohesive® Seals and SLIMS® which have been protecting peristomal skin for decades. The unique shape makes the StomaWrap™ very quick and easy to fit. There is no need to warm, stretch or tear to the correct size. Simply wrap it around the stoma and overlap to create a secure seal.

The Cohesive StomaWrap™ provides a complete seal around the stoma to prevent leakage. By preventing leakage, it will make your pouch more secure, giving you complete confidence and peace of mind. The StomaWrap™ will frequently enable you to keep your pouch on for longer because of the additional security it provides. The Cohesive StomaWrap™ is perfectly shaped for those with large or oval stomas and due to its ease of fitting it is also ideally suited to those with limited dexterity.

Click here to watch our new video on how to apply Cohesive StomaWrap™

For further information please contact your local distributor for samples.