New Product Launch: Small Access Window and midi Wound Pouch

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new small Access Window and midi Wound Pouch with bung closure to our Wound Pouch range.

The newest pouch in the range has been designed, according to popular demand, to accommodate midline incision wounds. It measures 250 x 80mm and takes the total to 15 pouches in the range. The result is a comprehensive solution for wound management; from the smallest pouch measuring 45 x 30mm to the largest pouch on the market measuring 250 x 385mm.

In order to facilitate access to our small and medium pouches in the range, we have developed a small Access Window. This circular window has a maximum cutting diameter of 60mm. A slighter higher profile permits packing with gauze if required.

For further information please contact your local distributor.