WCET Review 2008

Many thanks go to all of you who visited our stand during the congress. As usual, it was a pleasure to see you and to have the chance to discuss our products.

At this time we would like to announce our competition winners; Kathi Chiara from Switzerland (pictured left) and Katica Babic from Croatia. Both winners won a traditional Irish prize; a bottle of Baileys and two Irish crystal glasses.

During the congress we launched Perform, the NEW pouch control sachet that converts stoma output to gel. Greater control of pouch content, reduced leakage, noise and bulging are among the benefits as well as ease of emptying and disposal.

Particular interest was shown in Cohesive® Paste, a stoma paste from the Cohesive® family which can be used to fill in scars or skin folds. Cohesive® Slims and Seals can of course be used in combination with this product.

Pelican Pouches in convex and paediatric forms are an exciting new addition to the stoma care range from TG Eakin Ltd. The convex pouches offer soft, flexible and comfortable convexity and conform to the needs of each individual stoma. The paediatric pouches have been designed with children in mind and offer kind and gentle care for young skin. All drainable pouches in the range boast the Pelican Pouches’ Clipless Closure, which allows quick and easy emptying.

For more information on any of our products please visit our product section.